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About Video Poker

While playing online Video Poker you must keep three main things in mind. These things will help you to strip away the mystery of an online video poker machine and will also help you understand its value to you. These main points should be included in your video poker strategy:

  1. You must be able to read the pay tables presented on the video poker game and know which online casino games have the highest payback.
  2. You must know the best online video poker strategy for the particular machines that you choose to play with.
  3. You must know the effects of a particular machine on your bankroll.
Online video poker is an extremely easy game to play and looking at its mechanics, playing it is simplicity itself. However, playing video poker well takes a little bit more effort and knowledge and that is where your learned video poker game strategy comes into effect.

Video poker is one game where the house advantage is directly affected by how much knowledge the of the game you posses. The two main skills involved of proper machine selection and knowing the proper strategy for that specific video poker machine you are playing on can get complicated because online video poker comes in a many varieties.

For you to find your way through such a wide variety of online video poker games we must look at them First in over all terms. The online casino industry offers a few basic categories which are are non-wild card games like Jacks or Better and Double Bonus. Then we are offered games with wild cards like Deuces Wild or Joker Wild. Within these two general categories, there are many varieties. Payout schedule return rates may vary from below 90% to above 100% (information can be found below).

The best place for you to begin learning and creating your online video poker strategy is with the online game that started the whole thing, one of my favorites, Jacks or Better video poker. The online video poker game Jacks or Better pays off for a pair of jacks or higher. This is particularly good for beginners because of its easy to understand purpose or strategy. Even better, is the fact that some versions of Jacks or Better have a 99.5% payback when played with an expert's strategy. This means that Jacks or Better has only a 0.5% house advantage. In other words, in the long run, you expect to lose only 5 cents of every $10 you play. This is definitely one of the best bets offered by online casinos
After mastering Jacks or Better you may want to move to more new and exotic online video poker games but do not forget to keep the strategy you have learned playing Jacks or Better since it is the most basic one of them all.

While there are many factors to consider in developing your online video poker strategy, they are too many to detail in this article. We shall leave you with an important factor, and probably one of the most important things to look at when developing your online strategy, the pay table. The pay table strips away some of the video poker game's mystery by acting as a window that shows you whether the game is worth your time and/or money. (An example below), it can reveal how much a game pays back if played perfectly.

You can consider these tips as the beginning of developing your online video poker strategy.

Hand Frequency % Probability Payout Return *
Royal Flush 1 in 40,390.55 0.002% 800 1.98%
Straight Flush 1 in 9,148.37 0.011% 50 0.55%
Four of a kind 1 in 423.27 0.236% 25 5.91%
Full house 1 in 86.86 1.151% 9 10.36%
Flush 1 in 90.79 1.101% 6 6.61%
Straight 1 in 89.05 1.123% 4 4.49%
Three of a kind 1 in 13.43 7.445% 3 22.33%
Two pair 1 in 7.74 12.928% 2 25.86%
Jacks or better 1 in 4.66 21.459% 1 21.46%
Nothing 1 in 1.83 54.543% 0 0.00%

* - Royal Flush payout is based on max coins (4,000 coins for 5 coins played).
** - Total return: 99.55.

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From the Online Casinos USA team


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