Single Table Tournament vs. Multi Table Poker Tournament

Single Table Tournaments

In single table tournaments, it is important to play tightly in the early stages of the tournament, but capitalize on good hands. All it takes is one big pot, then you can ride it out and wait for your next big hand as players knock each other out of the tournament.

Be careful of playing aggressively on suited connectors. Their value is lower than you’d expect since people are going to be short stacked. If you still decide to call, only do so near the beginning of the tournament.

When you’re down to the last few and the blinds become very big, aggressive play and blind stealing can be very effective. Remember that with fewer players at the table, weaker hands such as pairs are much stronger – make sure you keep on the aggressive with those hands and continue to scoop up blinds to maintain your chip lead.

Pay attention and keep track of the players you're competing against since you may run into them again if you continue playing single table tournaments with the same buy-in.

If you do find yourself short stacked (running out of chips), wait for the right moment to go all-in and double your stack. It’s all or nothing – desperate times call for desperate measures!

Multi Table Tournaments

Multi table tournaments really are a matter of patience. With sometimes hundreds of players in a tournament, you want to pick your battles very carefully in the early stages. Often in big tournaments, you’ll find ‘loose’ players. Identify those players early, and make them your target for the big hand that you will eventually have. When that hand is dealt to you, reel them in and hit them with big bets. If you can increase your stack size significantly on one or two of these hands, you can ride out the tournament for a while as you watch other players knock each other out. Wait patiently for your hands, they will come.

As Pete ‘The Beat’ would say, “Don’t attack the big stack”. This is of key importance in tournament play – your aim should be to knock-out the players with smaller stacks than you. They will only go up against you if they have a very solid hand, so stealing blinds and ‘bullying’ them out of pots is a great way to increase your own chip stack. Eventually you will leave a short-stacked player with no choice but to call your raise and go all-in with a mediocre hand, and slide you his or her chips on the way out of the tournament.

If the cards are not going your way and you are running low on chips in the latter stages of the tournament, consider going all in pre-flop to try and steal the blinds even if your hand isn't looking so great, rather than waiting and going all-in on the flop.

Multi table tournaments can often last hours, so be prepared for a long event and pace yourself. Place your bets wisely and maintain concentration; refreshments are very important. If the tournament provides time for breaks, make good use of them.

As with Poker in general, tournament strategy takes time to master. Keep these tips in mind and practice your game, you’ll be ready for the WSOP in no time!

Good luck on your next poker game From the Online Casinos USA team



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