Progressive Slots Types

Progressive slots are usually a group of many slot machines linked together by a network. The big progressive jackpot is made by taking a percentage of all the money played into the machine. Not all progressive online slots are the same. There are actually three different types of progressive slots games.

Stand Alone Progressive Slots

The stand alone progressive slots "machine" is not linked to any other machines. Instead of having a fixed top jackpot it takes a percentage of the coins played and adds that to the award for the highest winning combination .It has a meter on the front and shows you the jackpot. In most cases the payback is equal to the other machines of that denomination but it just distributed differently to give you a varying amount for the top prize. The progressive jackpots for the stand alone progressive slot is much lower than the ones from progressive machines that are linked together.

In House Progressive Slots

These are a group of progressive slots games linked together and owned and operated by the online casino. They may be just in a single casino or linked together with several sites if the gaming company owns more than one online casino. The jackpots may not be the multi-million variety but they can be quite a large sum in some casinos. They generally hit more often than the big wide area progressive slots.

Wide Area Progressive Slots

These are the progressive slots games that offer the life enhancing jackpots. The games are linked together from many unrelated online casinos. These progressive slots are operated by an independent operator rather than a single gaming company. The casino share in a percentage of the winnings but the operator owns the games. A good example of online progressive slots operators are software providers such as Playtech and Microgaming. The Jackpots might be extremely large but so are the players chances of hitting the big jackpot. These types of progressive slots are the most commonly found at the online casinos.

Itís perfectly fine to try your luck at the big progressive slots hoping that lady luck will give you a visit but try not to make a habit out of it. Instead set aside a certain percentage of your playing bankroll and use that for a shot at the big life changing progressive jackpot. Winning one of these is pure luck and is a gamble. Try not to spend your entire bankroll chasing a dream. If you want to play a progressive slots game you might be better off to concentrate your efforts on the Stand Alones or the In House Progressives. players odds are usually much better. Most importantly remember, playing the progressive slots is pure entertainment so do not forget to Have Fun!

Progressive Slots

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