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Typically only Online Casino players that play the maximum credits for every play will qualify for winning the Progressive Jackpot. All players playing on a machine attached to the progressive jackpot will contribute to the jackpot. That is why a game that only requires 8 credits to qualify for the progressive jackpot will most likely have the progressive jackpot rise to higher levels, in relation to its break-even level, than a game that requires only 4 credits per play to qualify for the progressive jackpot. For example, many players who find themselves playing three credits per play might reason that five credits per play is not much more than three, so why not play five and qualify for the largest jackpot payoff, the progressive jackpot. ON the other hand the difference is much bigger between 4 and 10, credits for every play, so at a progressive jackpots game that requires 10 credits for each play in order to be qualified, it seems that more players will stick with 4 credits for each play made, and add to the progressive jackpots without getting a chance at winning it.

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