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Cash Splash is the first online progressive jackpot ever! All online casino players must try this one, its a classic. Over 65 of the best online casinos share this progressive online slots so it gets big quick!

Cash Splash progressive slot is a one pay line, three coin and three reel slot machine. The Cash Splash symbol is wild and doubles the payout of any combination it completes. Cash Splash also has a Progressive jackpots, which is a pot of money that constantly accumulates and can be won by you if you play with three coins and hit the Jackpot. The Progressive jackpots is a constantly accumulating prize, the value of which is displayed and regularly updated in the Cash Splash progressive slots game. The Progressive jackpot is displayed as credits and not as coins. Meaning, if the Progressive is 2500 this refers to 2500 credits that could be won and not 2500 coins.

You can qualify to participate in the global Progressive slots game if you are betting three coins per spin only. If you are playing the Progressive jackpot and you get three Cash Splash symbols on the payline, you will win the progressive Jackpots.

To win the Cash Splash progressive Jackpot you must have bet three coins on that particular spin.

All Progressive jackpot winnings are subject to final confirmation by the Casino and the software supplier. This decision is always final.

Online Casinos displaying this Cash Splash casino game take every possible precaution to ensure the Progressive jackpots value displayed in the game matches the value on the Casino server. When a player wins it is the jackpots value on the server that is used when the Progressive jackpot is paid out.

A single Cash Splash symbol on the payline completes a winning combination and pays two times the normal coin payout for such a winning combination.

Two Cash Splash symbols on the payline complete a winning combination and pay four times the normal coin payout for such a winning combination.

Three Cash Splash symbols on the pay line complete the Progressive Jackpot, provided you have bet three coins on the relevant spin, and are playing as a Real Account user.


  • A single Cash Splash symbol on the pay line, with two coins having been bet, will complete the winning combination of a single cherry, normally paying out four coins. So, for this payout consisting of the Cash Splash symbol, the payout will be 2 x 4 = 8 coins.
  • Similarly, if two Cash Splash symbols and a 3-Bar appear on the pay line, with two coins having been bet, this will complete a three 3-Bar combination, normally paying out 100 coins. So, for this payout consisting of two Cash Splash symbols, the payout will be 4 x 100 = 400 coins.
  • Payout Schedule:

  • The winnings paid out on the progressive slot machine are dependent on the symbols showing on the pay line once the reels have come to a stop. The table below summarizes the payout schedule.
  • If three Cash Splash symbols appear on the pay line and you are playing three coins, then you have won the Progressive jackpots. If you are not playing three coins you will not win the jackpot and will be paid out according to the payout schedule below.
  • Combination on the Pay-line Coin 1 Coin 2 Coin 3
    3 Cash Splash symbols 800 1600 The Progressive jackpots
    3 Sevens 100 200 300
    3 3-Bar symbols 50 100 150
    3 2-Bar symbols 25 50 75
    3 Cherries 20 40 60
    3 1-Bar symbols 10 20 30
    Any 2 Cherries 5 10 15
    Any 3 Bar symbols 3 6 9
    Any single Cherry 2 4 6

    Winnings are paid out on the highest combination only.

    Malfunctions void all plays and pays.

    All payout numbers, except the Progressive Jackpot, represent the number of one credit coins won. Therefore, a win of six will pay 2 credits, and a win of three-hundred will pay one-hundred credits.

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