How To be a High Roller

1. Show a large bankroll about. It is estimated that there are 250-500 whales in the world and Premium Players are in the thousands- This exclusive club is a mix of Americans, Russians, Europeans and Middle-Easterners coming from the oil and commodity industries. In this mixture one will find Old Money and New Money, yet it is very noticeable that the New Money tends to have the bigger pockets and play with less reservations. The players that come from Old Money tend to play the long game- they'll still be hitting the roulette wheel when the new kids on the block have walked away.

To rub elbows with the big time players, you will most likely need a credit line of upwards of $5 million. In upwards of $250k should suit your needs if you are interested in working your way up as a Premium Player. If you are considered a High Roller, you will know this and can pass the next 3 tips.

High rollers usually shy away from the media so you will not need PR persons just decline any offered interviews. However you must become well known within the arena of the big casinos: If you start playing with big money, you need not worry, as word of mouth will start getting out faster than you can imagine to the people in the industry. These individuals are very discrete, and not because of fear from the competition. You will have to get invitations to platy in the special High Roller casino rooms and it is much easier to get an invite if the doorman heard of you already. Once you have been invited to join this prestigious club, you will be able to get flights by a private jet, ask and get only the best Las Vegas suites, eat only at gourmet food restaurants and make use of free show tickets, gifts, finest of wines, personal chauffeur and much more.

In order for you to receive all this extravagant attention, you will need to "earn it" by gambling big, This means putting up around $100 thousand per bet and you will shoot right up to the top. You may also choose to work your slowly from $10,000 per hand. Kerry Packer, may he rest in peace, was the biggest high roller in the planet and used to place bets of up to $375,000 while playing seven blackjack hands at a time. Its clear that you should not try this if you can not afford to lose such large sums of money and make your way back home from Las Vegas with a smile on your face. It is better to play with the kids and view the big boys play from the sidelines.

High Stakes games will most likely have no-limit so that your style of game wont be cramped and will not limit your winnings or losses for this matter. High Rollers seem to like Baccarat and blackjack. Both card games offer a relatively low edge in comparison with other games such as roulette. These are the perfect games to use a "Hit and Run" strategy- wager big, win big very fast and get out of there even faster before the casino gets the chance to turn your money over too many times, make back the money it lost and take your bankroll while its at it. Although the roulette game has a less favorable house edge it still seems to be attractive with the roulette high rollers just because you can not match it for the drama it supplies, especially if you lay your chips on the black on an all or nothing. This rules also apply to craps that does not have a favorable house edge, yet it is full of drama. In addition, you can find some big slot machine players who are probably not in the super high roller league, yet are considered to be premium players.

VIP High Stakes Players get access to tables with huge table limits. High Rollers supply a large percentage of the earnings in the Casino Industry yet there is a distinctive price for the casinos that goes together with attracting these VIP players: if a casino makes the decision to take in these big bets and the High Roller wins, it can cause big financial difficulty to the casino.

High Roller Casino Bonuses

USA Casino Bonus Offer Casino Software Currencies Online Casino Review
Deposits match for a total of $2400 Real Time Gaming

Pure Vegas Casino
Up to $4000 in casino high roller bonuses Real Time Gaming

Cherry Red Casino
100% match up to $700 Real Time Gaming

Slots Oasis
400% up to $3000 match Real Time Gaming

Casino Titan
Deposits match up to $888 in High Roller Casino Bonuses Real Time Gaming

Rushmore Casino
A generous $10000 Real Time Gaming

Slots Jungle

Good Luck
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