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Keno is very easy casino game to learn and its basic rules are the same all over the world. Learning how to play Keno is very easy and wonít take too much time. On this page you will learn all basic keno game rules, so when you get to a Casino, youíll know what to do.

The first step is to get a Keno ticket, they are sold at the Keno Booth (easy enough). Once you get your ticket, mark down your numbers and get your receipt. Donít lose it because it is necessary for you to claim your winnings (hopefully).

Play Online Keno

In the standard version of the game, one or more persons play against the house (Casino). Grab your ticket, pick some of the numbers shown and mark them up. Then take your ticket to the Keno clerk and get your receipt. Keep your receipt on hand and look up for the display. It can be a big board or a television set. The numbers are draw by a computer, so you have five minutes between one game and another. When the numbers start appearing on the monitor, mark them down on your ticket. At the end, the number of matches will show you if you have winning ticket or not. If you won, you must run (not to miss the next game) to the Keno clerk and claim your prize. You have to move fast, because you can only collect your prize between the game you just played and the next one. Remember this if you are playing single games, itís very important. If you miss your collect turn, the receipt becomes void and you lose your earnings. Another option, if you donít want to be running up and down the Casino all night long is find out if the Casino you are at allows the Stray and Play Keno ticket that applies to the number of games you are interested in playing if itís above twenty. Payout for the keno game varies from Casino to Casino, but, in most cases, the payout are as follows

  • If you play with five numbers, youíll need at least three matching numbers, and the payout is 3 to 1.
  • If you match four numbers, the payout is 26 to 1.
  • If you match all five numbers the payout is 332 to 1.

Now this is why people love Keno, you can make your money back 332 folds.

Now that you have learned the rules and some of important points of Keno it is time for you to practice your newly learned game and sharpen your skills.

Good Luck
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