How to Spot Cheating at the Online Poker Game

Online poker rooms are probably the safest place to play at right now. Playing online poker limits the number of sneaky people you could potentially be dealing with. The dealer is a program. Programs don't cheat. You don't have to worry about any sort of illegal card handling since the cards are randomly selected by a program and the cards are actually virtual cards.

Some online poker players worry about hackers hacking into the system. The truth is that it has been many years since the last major incidence of hacking affected anyone wagering money in an online poker room. This is due to breakthroughs in new and advanced encryption algorithm and multi-layered random number generators.

The most probable and common form of cheating at the online poker rooms is player collusion, When two or more players sitting at the same poker table let each other know what cards they posses in their hand. Playing online gives players the chance to have a fellow player on the phone with them, or sitting next to them at another computer.

Luckily most of these players have no idea how to use that advantage. These two must coordinate well together and this takes a lot of practice. Due to this online poker rooms look for signs of collusion, and also check if two players always play at the same table together. They would have to use "hit and run" tactics when using this form of cheating.

Due to actions taken by the poker rooms it is very difficult to pull such a strategy. But just in case, here are some things for the honest players to look for:

  1. A team of players who try to run other players out of the game. This means re-raising each other to make non-colluding players call multiple bets at once.
  2. Players who never play fast pre-flop. That is the time to talk about what they hold. Watch the players under the gun and keep in mind players reaction time.
  3. A group of players who hike up bets by re-raising with someone in between them. This gets the maximum amount of bets out of a third party. The alarm should really go off if one of those re-raising players has an extremely bad hand, or if one of them folds with one bet to go despite a large pot on the table. There is a time to bluff and a time to fold and most people have an idea when that is, so be on the lookout for players who exercise extremely poor judgment. Identify that person as a potential money maker for yourself or a potential cheater using unethical tactics.

In conclusion it is very difficult and there for very rare to find someone attempting this kind of online cheating. If you do suspect of a fellow player or players for this matter of fact using such a cheating strategy it is best to contact the online poker room's administrators or just get up and leave, do not just accuse someone with no found base to the accusations. Many poker rooms have a large amount of tables running at all times, so if you do suspect of foul play, you can just leave a table and find another.

Good luck on your next poker game From the Online Casinos USA team



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