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Omaha High-Low Poker Game Rules

In the Omaha High-low Online Poker game players split the pot 50-50 between the best high hand and the best qualifying low hand, consisting of 5 cards of different values ranked 8 or lower. hence the name Omaha High-Low. Players use two of their hole cards together with three cards from the board to make their highest and lowest hands. in this Poker game any two of the players four cards can be used for high, and any two can be used for low. To qualify for the low half of the pot, the low hand must be made of the cards 8,7,6,5,4 or lower, Ace can be used in the high hand or the low hand. At Omaha High-Low tables, a round plastic marker called the "dealer button" is placed in front of the player who would be dealing if a house dealer is not used. The button is moved clockwise, one seat at a time, after each game and the card distribution and betting starts with the player seated to the left of the "dealer button". The highest hand splits the pot with the lowest hand qualified.

In Omaha High-Low Straights and flushes are not counted against you when evaluating a low hand. However, they still apply for evaluating the high hand. Therefore, the best possible low hand is A,2,3,4 and 5, which is also a straight for the high hand. In this form of poker it is possible for a player to win the whole pot by possessing both the highest hand and the lowest hand. Four of these cards will be in their own possession and dealt as down cards, and five will be face up as community cards. Because of that when a player is dealt four kings down, he or she can only use two of the kings toward their final hand. The remaining three cards must come from the community cards. If players hands tie, the pot is split with any odd amount going to the player immediately to the left of the dealer. The reason that the 'dealer button' is moved clockwise around the table at the beginning of each new hand is that every player can benefit from the advantage of being last to act once per round. Like Hold 'Em, position is an important advantage with the player on the "dealer button" being in the best position possible.

The Game:

  1. Before each player is dealt four down cards, the "small down" (in poker terms), or the player to the left of the "dealer button" places a bet (half the minimum bet). Then the "big blind", or in laymen's terms the player to his left (that's two seats to the left of the "dealer button"), is forced to bet the minimum bet. Each player is dealt a four card hand.
    The player at the left of the big blind is first to act and he must either call the big blind's bet, raise, or fold his hand. Continuing in turn clockwise, all the players around the table either call, raise or fold (depending on their hands, and their skills at achieving a poker face to fool their opponents). When the betting gets back around to the small blind (the player to the left of the "dealer button), he or she have the regular three options every poker player faces they can fold and lose the bet placed earlier (ouch), call the amount necessary to get up to the betting level (go a head make my day) or raise (getting interesting). The big blind is then the last to act before any cards are turned up in the middle. The blinds are played in the first round only.
  2. the "flop" (great) The dealer turns three cards up in the center of the table. As always, the player at the left of the "dealer button" is first to act. There are no more forced bets and the players can all check around if they want to. Bets right after the flop are at the minimum bet level.
  3. Now comes the "Turn" card with more betting that now goes to the higher minimum bet level.
  4. Finally the "river", the last card is turned up. The last betting round takes place. The players still in the contest reveal their hole cards and the highest hand wins the pot or splits with the lowest qualifying low hand. Of course, the ideal result is to win the high end with no split or have the cards to win both ways.
  5. Once all players complete placing their bets, they determine the best five-card high or low hand that they can make from two of the four cards in their hand and three of the five community cards laying on the table. The player with the highest hand and the player with the lowest hand split the pot 50/50
Now that you have learned the principals of Omaha High-Low Poker, all that is left is to practice, practice, and than practice even more until you have perfected your game, before you start playing for some big numbers.

Good luck on your next online poker game From the Online Casinos USA team

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