OCU Roulette Betting System

The Online Casinos USA system has been formulated for the game of European Roulette. This game is mostly decided by pure luck. In spite of that we have found the way to improve your luck through mathematics. Even if you are not a roulette master or did not get to play roulette online for to long, you will not have any hardship in following our system. Indeed, you will just have to bet on the red or black colors as we will illustrate shortly.

By wagering on those two various possibilities (red and black) you will increase your booties very quickly.

Basically, this system guides you to bet two fold each and every time you lose a round.

Play with the Online Roulette System

Obey the following simple moves and you will comprehend the OCU method:

Commence by wagering $1 on red. If a black sort, comes out, bet again on red. Only this time bet $2 or double your first bet. If black comes out once more, wager $4, or double your last bet once more on red. Carry on until the red shows up again, and you win.

IMPORTANT NOTE: once winning with one color, pursue the same moves with the contrasting color. Commence by wagering $1 on the different color- if you win, wager on the contrasting color. If you lose, proceed wagering on the identical color until you win. In only several minutes, you will see your gains rise significantly.

Remember 2 things:

  • If you wager on a color and the color you wager on comes up, you will have to gamble $1 on the other color.
  • If you gamble on a color and the other color comes up, wager double on the color you initially wagered on. If this color comes out, start betting $1 once more on the other color, and so on.

Note: If the ball stops on the zero, resume the play as follows. If you double on Red due to the fact that Red numbers just came out, you have to take the zero as the color with which the sequence of the play starts. In this case, carry on wagering double on red.

Example: if youíve just won, meaning if youíve just wagered on the sequence: Red, Black, Red, Black as the OCU systems recommends, You have to consider the zero as the opposed color in the play you just played. In other words, the zero should always be looked upon as the opposite color you have just wagered on. Begin by playing with wager of $1 only. Wait until you reach $100 in profits and start gambling $5 more. When you have taken in in excess of $250, start by gambling with $20. Once you have gained $500, STOP AND EXAMINE YOUR FOLLOWING MOVE. .

Online Roulette:

Good Luck
From the Online Casinos USA team



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