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Ohio Legislators Advance with Online Casino Regulation

Two laws relating to online casino regulation, one put together by the Ohio House, and the other by the Ohio Senate that were passed by voters back in November of 2009, crossed another objection on Wednesday through the Ohio Statehouse.

While it is a step forward in the passing laws that will legalize and regulate online gambling, there are still several matters that the two houses need to come to a compromise on.

One issue that need no compromising was the banning of slot machines in Ohio’s horse-racing tracks.

Sen. Dale Miller stated that “The horse-racing industry in Ohio has been in a pattern of decline for many years to the point where the continued viability of that industry and the broader industry of horse-breeding in Ohio is in doubt,”.

The deadline for the House and Senate to debate, discuss and work out our difference among the two bill is June 3.

One of the main differences between the two bills that has seem to come to the forefront of topics regarding the debating between the House and Senate is the appropriation of casino revenue. The Senate does not address the issue, while the House has some of the revenue generated by the casinos going to help Ohio’s Urban centers.

Rep. Randy Gardner stated that “I’m for spending dollars from casino revenue to truly help all Ohio…..I’m not for pitting one geographic area of the state against another. … There are counties in Appalachia, in rural Ohio, and in midsized cities all across this state that have higher unemployment rates than some of the bigger cities.”

Some thing that the Ohio Legislators did agree on was a ban on smoking in the casinos, as well as not allowing person under the age of 21 to enter the grounds.

While the decision reached by the Ohio Legislators do not directly affect Ohio Online Casinos, the headlines and outcomes generated should bring Ohio online gambling some attention.

Progressive Jackpot player wins over $195 Thousand on Royal Flush Slots

Once again a lucky Progressive Jackpot player has became richer overnight while playing Royal Flush casino Game.

Leonides Lopez Martinez was the winner of one of the biggest Royal Flush jackpot in Florida’s history.

The lucky player hit the Big Slick Royal Progressive Jackpot for $195,423 at the Magic City Casino Poker Room

Lopez Martinez, a long-time player at the Magic City Casino Poker Room won the large jackpot using using an Ace and a King of Spades as his hole cards while playing $1-$2 no limit.

Just earlier this year the Magic City Casino Poker Room had set the record for the biggest Royal Flush jackpot paid out to a single player in Florida card room history, when it paid out a $194,803 jackpot to Michael Lucas.
The Big Slick Royal Progressive Jackpot currently stands at over $108,000.

USA online casino players do not need to travel all the way to Florida or to Las vegas to have their chance at winning a life changing jackpot!

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Online Gambling Plans in New Hampshire

While John Lynch, New Hampshire’s Governor, previously stated his opposition to the legizlation of 17,000 slot machines and table games in new hampshire, he has astonished his opposition with his own idea to combat the budget deficit by intorducing internet gambling websites.

According to Colin Manning, a spokesman for Lynch, the New Hampshire’s governor met with state Lottery Commissioners to discuss the release of online gambling venues. In the statement is was stated that New Hampshire’s governor is working toward developing a detailed strategy to attack the state’s revenue shortage and several options are being considered.

The proponents of the slot machines and poker legislation were cought off guard by Lynch’s ideas, specifically since he stood against the Senate backed bill to begin with since he beleived it did not prevent the proliferation of gambling.

Sen. Lou D’Allesandro, one of the writers of the original bill, stated “I haven’t seen his proposal, but if the governor is afraid of proliferation, what easier way to proliferate it than online gambling?”
Currently New Hampshire has no specific legistlation that stands againt online gambling.

In his statement D’Allesandro also added that “Anything you get something online, you run the risk of who’s playing, what it involves, the extent of play…We’ve had so many problems with things online.”

This same line of tought was also backed by former state Senator Bob Clegg who stated that: “The governor is worried about proliferation of gaming but it sounds like he’s going to make every computer terminal in every home and every BlackBerry – including those BlackBerrys held by kids in high school – a gambling facility.”

Governor Lynch is expected to face a tough opposition to his online gambling plan. It is beleived that online gambling and online poker would enable gambling addictions and that it will not provide for as many new jobs as the interoduction of land based casinos.

A land based casino in Hudson is estimated to raise $10 million in tax revenue and offer 3,800 new jobs in New hampshire.

New Jersey voting on Sports Gambling

New Jersey’s Senate is set to meet this afternoon to look over laws that would challenge the Federal ban on sports gambling.

Senate law 19 has been introduced by Democrat State Senators Raymond Lesniak and Stephen Sweeney and would authorise the Senate to take legal action concerning Federal laws that currently make sports gambling illegal in all but Nevada, Montana, Delaware and Oregon.

According to a statement from the Interactive Media Entertainment And Gaming Association, the law would enable the President of the Senate, Sweeney, to take ‘such legal action on behalf of the Senate as the Senate President shall deem appropriate and necessary to challenge enforcement of the Federal Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act, which establishes a selective prohibition on sports gambling in the United States’.

Last month, Lesniak introduced laws that, if successful, would allow residents to play games already permitted in Atlantic City casinos including poker, blackjack and baccarat at

In addition, a separate bill from the representative for the state’s 20th District would allow New Jersey residents to vote on a constitutional amendment to allow state-regulated sports wagering in Atlantic City casinos and to inhabitants via an intra-state online gambling system. The proposed laws also calls on the New Jersey Casino Control Commission to establish a Division Of Internet Wagering to oversee operations and licensing.

“We’re happy that New Jersey has taken this issue into their own hands,” Joe Brennan, Chairman for Interactive Media Entertainment And Gaming Association, said of the proposed January measures.

“New Jersey is recognised as having the toughest USA gambling regulators, as a leading gaming state with a long track record of doing things the right way, Internet gambling will have a great home here and the opportunity to begin normalising the industry.”

Penny slots heat up at USA casinos

They look and sound like video games and the bonus rounds make penny slots one of the hottest games in USA casinos.

Nearly at every jurisdiction and every casino across the United States the penny slot machines are becomming extremely popular according to the director of casino operations at the Isle.

With the economic slowdown and the increase in popularity manufacturers are coming out with great themes and making them more exciting while players get their favorites casino games such as penguins, eBay, Wizard of Oz and Wheel of Fortune.

According to the Mississippi Gaming Commission report, Coast casinos have placed on their floors 8,078 penny slots this year in comparison to 3,050 in 2005. The odds of winning are still similar with the higher denomination slots offering a 97% payback, and the penny slots a 91% payback.

The addition of bonus rounds to penny slots have also help increase the games popularity. When a certain combination of symbols appear in a winning combination, the slot machine goes into a bonus round screen with graphic that matches the theme of the game. Bonus rounds give the player a chance to win free spins or cash, depending on the machine.

Some of the newer penny slots also offer large, life changing, progressive jackpots! In January, players won a $1 million Megajackpot in Colorado and a $4.1 million Megajackpot in Las Vegas while playing on the penny slots machines.

The increase in popularity has also created an intense competition between the slot machine manufacturers to introduce the latest games, and casinos in the United states bring in players with competitions such as nightly slot tournaments competing for large bankrolls.

Another reason that make the penny slots machines so popular is because of the play dynamics, guests can play slots for longer on less money.

Baltimore’s Mayor Rawlings-Blake for expanding slot program to include table games

Baltimore’s Mayor Rawlings-Blake stated she was open to the issue of expanding the state’s slot program to include casino table games in a meeting with members of the Baltimore delegation in Annapolis.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake stated that casino table games would help make a proposed casino in the city that is now limited to slots more attractive.

Rawlings-Blake stated that the revenue that will be generated from a casino that will included table games such as blackjack, poker, roulette and craps could aid the city that is seeing a fairly large budget deficit.

Maryland’s constitution wold have to be amended to allow for table games.

There are several other USA lawmakers in Annapolis who are now stand in support of allowing casino table games in the state.

Missouri wishes to abolish sports gambling prohibition in the USA

In The USA, two State lawmakers from Missouri have joined the fight to regulate sports betting in the USA by calling on Congress to cancel the Federal Professional And Amateur Sports Promotion Act of 1992.

Missouri State lawmakers Jason Grill and Mike Colona have tabled House Concurrent Resolution 22, which calls on the United States Congress to cancel the Federal Professional And Amateur Sports Promotion Act, the legislation that prohibits all but four states from offering sports gambling.

Owing to a brief experiment with parlay sports betting in 1976, the states of Delaware, Montana, Nevada and Oregon were grandfathered from the Federal Professional And Amateur Sports Promotion Act but this is currently being challenged at a Federal level by New Jersey as discriminatory towards the remaining 46 states. In addition, lawmakers in Iowa recently proposed legislation that would regulate sports betting in the state if the Federal prohibition were to be lifted.

The measure from the two Missouri Democrats calls on Congress to cancel the Federal Professional And Amateur Sports Promotion Act so that states who wish to do so may share in the economic benefits of sports betting including the estimated $81.5 million that was legally wagered on the Super Bowl last year.

“The State Of Missouri would benefit significantly from an end to the Federal prohibition as sports gambling in this state would be subject to the existing gambling taxes in Missouri, thereby generating more income for the State Of Missouri,” stated in the Resolution.

The lawmakers also claim that the legalization of sports betting would enhance Missouri as a USA gambling and tourism destination, resulting in further economic benefits.

Progressive Jackpot player wins nearly $1.0 Million on Wheel of Fortune

Once again a lucky Progressive Jackpot players have turned richer overnight while playing Wheel of Fortune casino Slots.

More than $1 million has gone home with three lucky casino players from the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino in the last 10 days.

One of those lucky playersis is a Brasher Falls man who came away from a slot machine with $881,519.83 on Thursday.

Phillip Huckins, the winner of the jackpot, stated “I’m the type of guy that says this could never happen to me….My sister is actually the one that is usually there playing.”

Other recent lucky players included an unnamed player from Quebec who took home a $76,679.10 jackpot while playing on the Caribbean stud table game Jan. 24, and Carol Stewart, also a resident of Quebec, who took home $71,101.94 from the Mohawk Super Jackpot on Jan. 23.

The casino released in a statement that since 2005 it had about five different lucky players to walk away with these jackpots.

Mr. Huckins won the large jackpot while playing on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. Wheel of Fortune is a progressive game that gets is progressive jackpot contribuitions from three hundred casinos across the USA.

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Delaware Considers Casinos Table Games As a source of tax income

Laws that would make table games legal in Pennsylvania were passed earlier this year. New England is now filled with casino hotels and resorts, and every state is fighting hard for the taxes from land based casinos. Just past Friday, Delaware has made their mopve in the direction of legalizing gaming by introducing laws that would allow table games in some of the gaming areas of the State.

Blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker are possible additions to the three limited casinos in Delaware. This will bring the three most popular forms of gaming into one state – sports betting, poker, and USA casino gambling.

Dover Downs, Delaware Park, and Harrington Raceway and Casino are the areas that may see casino gambling establishments.

The Laws states that 29.4 percent of the revenue generated would be to the state, 4.5 percent to the horse racing industry, and 66.1 percent granted to the racing casinos. The law has, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal, 27 sponsors and co-sponsors, and could be signed into law very quickly. Estimates also show that table games could be installed as early as five months after the passing of the bill.

Table games and other forms of gaming are being considered in several states. Tax revenues are down nationwide, and some states are looking at new ways to generate tax revenue. Arkansas, Kentucky, New Jersey and Georgia are all conasidering adding gaming in order to make up fo tax revenues lost due to the recession. Legaliaztion of certain forms of gambling might in the future bring about the legalization of online gambling, including the regulation of some of the best USA Online Casinos.

A Female Gambler Takes a $144,666 jackpot at Wildhorse Resort and Casino

A $20 wager paid off for a Umatilla County female gambler who took home nearly $145,000 Tuesday at Wildhorse Resort and Casino near Pendleton.

A press release from Tiah DeGrofft, Wildhorse community relations director, stated the winner, who requested to remain unnamed, was in town on a business trip and was at the Resort and Casino with a another worker. The winner stated she didn’t have any idea she was about to take the progressive jackpot on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine.

“Someone else was playing and didn’t win,” she claimed. “They left, and I put my money in that machine.”

After wagering $20, the unnamed female player took the slot machine for $144,666.

A progressive slot machine is part of a network of several slots machines connected together with a common prize pool. Wildhorse and over 300 other tribal Resorts and Casinos across the USA belong to a 17-state American Indian progressive network. Each time a player places bets into any of the linked machines the cumulative progressive jackpot increases in size.

The lucky winner stated that the first thing that came to her mind once she realized that she had won was her daughter’s wedding this comming June. The winner also stated she was thrilled to share the great news of her winning with her husband, and plans to use her winnings topay off some of her bills.

Wildhorse Resort and Casino USA is owned and operated by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. This was the first “MegaJackpot prize” won at the Resort and Casino this year. On March 14, 2009, a lucky player won $1,208,464 on a video slots machine, the third prize of more than a million dollars a player taken at the casino. Wildhorse also holds the record for the largest jackpot with a $9.1 million on a different progressive machine.

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