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Originally, martingale applied to a class of wagering strategies favorite during the 1800s in France. The easiest of these schemes was intended for a game in which the wagerer that play roulette wins his bet if a silver comes up heads and misses it if the silver comes up tails. The strategy had the wagerer double his wager after each time he or she looses, so that the initial win would cover all preceding losses in addition to a gain of profit equal to the initial stake. Since a wagerer with limitless capital will with probability 1 ultimately flip heads, the Martingale betting system was viewed as a reliable strategy by players who practiced it. Unfortunately, none of these players actually held unlimited wealth, and the exponential increase of the bids would ultimately bankrupt those unwise enough to use the Martingale. Further more, it has become unreasonable to carry out in the contemporary casinos, due to the wagering limit at the playing tables. Because the wagering limits diminish the casino's short term variance, using the martingale strategy itself does not place a threat to the online casino, and many will promote its use, recognizing that they have the house advantage no matter when or how much is placed on the betting table.

Example: Assume that player practices the martingale betting strategy at the tables while playing American roulette, with 0 and 00 values; on average, placing a wager on either red or black will win 18 times out of 38. If the player's first bankroll stands at $150 and the wagering piece is $10, the player will be able to afford 4 losing bids in a row (of $10, $20, $40, and $80) prior to running out of money. If any of these 4 bids wins, he will get back $10 in addition to any past losses he may have incurred. The coincidence of losing 4 bids in a row (and therefore losing the entire $150 is (20/38)4 = 7.67%. The leftover 92.3% of times, the gamer shall gain $10. We will appoint this as one round (playing until you have lost 4 times or until you win, whichever comes first). If you wager on several rounds using the Martingale strategy then your average gain will be (0.923$10) − (0.0767$150) = −$2.275 for each round. Therefore, you lose an average of $2.275 on every round. However, if the player is able to produce an unlimited supply of money, the anticipated yield is (18/38)*b per roll (where b is the first bet). With a first bet of $10, the anticipated return will be $4.736 per roll..

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