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The low down on slots

Slot machines, they are simple to use, inexpensive to maintain, and require little to no attention or player skill. Just place a coin, pull the lever or push the button, which ever you prefer, and let the wheels of luck spin. slot machines are the hottest game and money makers for online casinos.

There are many different machine games and new ones are coming out constantly. Jackpot size, combinations, symbols,  and number and/or size of coins allowed in each machine can vary. Modern machines are completely electronic featuring amazing time in order to maintain the players attention. Symbol combinations come up randomly and machines are pre-programmed to return a certain percent to the player. A slot machine returns on the average between 85% to 98% percent, depending on the game, location and usage. The average house advantage is calculated to be about 9 percent. Try to find casinos with online slots that have a high payout average. most legitimate online casinos will supply the players with those statistics.

Winning Tips for the slots master:

  1. It is always a wonderful thing to be able to recognize the symbols in the slot machine that make up the jackpot winning combination. every slot machine is different from the other . according to casino attendants plenty enough winners constantly walk away from machines that have hit the jackpot without waiting for the rest of the payout, mostly due to lack of knowledge. that is why it is recommended for slots players to always check the combinations and symbols on each machine they play on, even before they start just for the fact that the largest jackpots are all paid by attendants.
  2. In most casinos attendants pay jackpots that are of $1,200 or more. If you hit a jackpot, what ever you do, do not touch your machine or leave it for even a second. I repeat, do not touch or leave your machine, you could lose your winnings. Do not insert more coins or allow anyone else to touch it. Wait for the attendant to come by and pay you your jackpot winnings first.
  3. It is recommended to always play slots at the maximum bet. If a machine will take a bet of five dollars, place the five-dollar bet in the slot, if its too much, go to a smaller coin machine. placing the maximum bet in the slot gives you the best odds of winning long-term if you get a good hand.
  4. Always try to find the payout rate for the casinos and the slot games you are about to play with. If you like to play slots, attempt to look for a 98% or higher payout.
Some fire hot tips for the avid online slot player:
Many of you must ask yourselves "Are there any sure ways to win at slots? The answer is ABSOLUTELY!!! following some basic rules you can increase your odds at winning tremendously. here are some basic tips
  1. Play the progressives slots with maximum coins. (the hottest slots online today)
  2. Continue to play only if the machine is hitting at least one out of four spins.
  3. Stop playing and cash out if you double your bank roll.
  4. Stop playing at a pre-determined limit. and remember to check the payout rate for the casino and the slot game first.
The above ways will increase your odds at finally hitting the jackpot yet they do not guarantee for you to become an instant jackpot winner and a future millionaire. It is tough to beat a house's edge but it also doesn't have to be so tough on your bankroll. So here we go:

  1. The only true skill for playing slots that a gambler can achieve is machine identification. always look for the highest jackpot opportunity for the coin required for the machine. the progressive jackpot slots usually offer that opportunity.
  2. Most Casinos will advertise in general of having machines with a 98.5% payout rate. Although that the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that is a WOW!! please do not get to excited yet. The down side for this advertisement is that it will probably say "on select machines." yet it will not tell you which ones. This is where your skill of finding these particular slots comes to play. Asking one of the casino employees can sometimes work for you.
  3. Casinos give away millions of dollars in comps each year for their repeat customers. and as a good customer you deserve and should ask for your share of the comps. plenty of casinos these days offer some sort of a players club card, a credit card like card that slides into the machine and lets you comp yourself. The bonuses you will get from this card are generally based on the number of coins you cycle through a machine, so you might as well get credit for all those coins you are dropping in. The best thing to to is to bargain hunt by shopping the different casinos for comp value and find out what will they do for you. If you play online slots, look for a casino that offers the best comp points. online casinos offer many sign up bonuses, and some even offer a no deposit bonus. Just sign in, download the casinos software, and they give you free money.
  4. Remember that comps are another form of profit, but you never want to gamble just to receive them. It is much better to play a 98 percent payback machine and increase your chances at winning the jackpots than to play machines with a poor return that cycle more of your coins. Remember, you're there to stay in action and possibly win lots of money, not lose all your savings and bankroll for a free meal at the casinos buffet.
  5. If you can't afford to play the maximum amount of coins at a particular machine than maybe you should not be playing that slots game and move to one with lower denominations. Playing the maximum coins always have the best payout value.
  6. Remember to never play back the credits that you have accumulated over the game. It is always better to cash out and move elsewhere. The main problem with playing back your credits is that the machines built-in advantage and will start eating away at your credits. if you keep on playing you might be surprised at how fast you can zero out, not long at all.
  7. If you Can not make your mind about which type of machine to play. If you're going to choose between video slots and poker, play video poker. Even the poorest play on a video poker machine will have a better payback than most machines.
  8. Cash out button is one of the most important features on the slot machine. Before you walk away from a machine, don't forget to press it. Cash out your money. Millions of dollars are lost each year by gamblers forgetting  to cash out their winnings.
  9. Always remember to read all the posted material on the front of the slot machine. It is your responsibility to fully understand all printed information concerning the number of coins to insert, lines needed to be lit, prizes or awards.
  10. When you insert coins, don't assume all the tokens register before you pull the handle. make sure they all do. or you will lose some of your coins. once you pulled that lever you can not go back.
  11. When in a casino please try to stay away from slots machines that use video representations of symbols. With these slots, there is absolutely no way to figure out what the payoff percentage of that machine is.
  12. it is always good to take a break, or a breather, while playing for a long time. Most casinos will offer to hold your slots machine for you while you go about your business and take a short break or even go on a buffet run, especially with those extra credits. Just ask a supervisor to reserve your machine and give a specific time when you'll return.
  13. What ever you do, do not glue yourself to a cold machine, even if it is  your favorite one. The longer you stay on any machine, the more the machine will work you over. They are simply built that way. This is how casinos build mega-resorts hotels and restaurants, time always works on their side.
  14. Do not forget to always set yourself a loss limit on your bankroll for both your trip and each time you go gambling. Try not to take along with you more than you are planning on spending per playing session, discipline yourself and abide by it.
  15. Always look for where the locals play. locals usually know the best places and the best machines to play. Asking them can only benefit you and your pockets.
  16. Last but not least, never, and i mean never take your credit cards with you. Leave your credit cards at home, that way you will not be tempted or able to use them due to the easy convenience of getting cash with them.

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Good Luck

From the Online Casinos USA team



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