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Players come to play bingo online from around the world to enjoy bingo games and chat together. Whether you like 75 ball bingo, 90 ball games, or even the latest 80 numbers bingo, online bingo offers all the fun, friends, and excitement that can not be be topped from the comfort of your own home!

Bingo Chat Etiquette

It is customary that during day life each and everyone of us must follow proper etiquette when holding conversations with other individuals. The same manners holds for online bingo chat and there are certain common practices and guidelines that should be followed in order to maintain good manners and respect. This may vary in international online bingo as language and translations could be misinterpreted, therefore it is important to be careful while participating in online chat. Although you are in the familiar surroundings of your own house, you are connected to other individuals in the chat room.

It is proper to greet other players participating in the chat room with a nice "hello everyone!". In most cases they will greet you before you even get the chance, so make sure to greet them back. Keep in mind that you are chatting with real individuals. These real, live individuals are chatting by their computers and have feelings, moods and interests just like everybody else. It is also customary to greet the Bingo Chat Room Moderators as they spend hours in the chat rooms making sure everyone is having fun, being respectful and playing honestly.

Keep in mind to try and avoid typing in all capital letters, as this is considered to be "yelling" and is perceived to be rude. You may use capita letters to emphasize a word. Always remember the Bingo Trivia as this can be a fun and easy way to start up a friendly conversation and make new friends.

Please remember that when you are chatting in an online bingo room, players may not be interested in hearing rude or offensive comments. So be considerate of your fellow players and keep the language clean and enjoyable for everyone.

Bingo Chat Terms

  • AFK - Away from keyboard.
  • BRB - Be right back.
  • BTW - By the way...
  • CU - See you.
  • CUL8R - See you later.
  • E1 - everyone.
  • GG - Good going!
  • GL - Good luck!
  • GL e1 - Good luck everyone!
  • GTG - Got to go.
  • J/K - just kidding.
  • LOL - Laughing out loud.
  • MAWOY - May angels wait on you.
  • OIC - Oh I see.
  • ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing.
  • THX - Thanks.
  • TTFN - Ta ta for now.
  • TTYL - Talk to you later.
  • WD - Well done!
  • WTG - Way to go!.
  • Good Luck
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