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Bingo cards are used to play different variations of the online bingo game, including 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. Cards are typically made of cardboard although an increasing number of bingo halls are starting to use computerized cards. Bingo cards are come various styles with random printed numbers. As the numbers at the bingo game are called, players mark them off with a dauber or a marker.

75 Ball Bingo Card

75 ball bingo cards contain 5x5 squares, with columns labeled B-I-N-G-O and with each square containing numbers between 1 and 75. The middle square is usually a free spot, and often has the word "free" printed on it.

  • Column B contains numbers 1 - 15
  • Column I contains numbers 16 - 30
  • Column N contains numbers 31 - 45
  • Column G contains numbers 46 - 60
  • Column O contains numbers 61 - 75

75 Ball Bingo - Common Patterns

straight vertical bingo 4 corners bingo double bingo
diamond dollar sign empty champagne glass

80 Ball Bingo Card

80 ball bingo actually uses a shutter board as a bingo card. Each bingo ticket is arranged in four rows and four columns, and each column is in a different color (red, yellow, blue, and silver). The 80 ball call board contains 5 rows of 16 numbers, for a total of 80 possible numbers. These numbers are then split into four groups of separate colors, at 20 number intervals.

  • 1-20 - red
  • 21-40 yellow
  • 41-59 blue
  • 60-80 silver

80 Ball Bingo Card

90 Ball Bingo Card

90 Ball Bingo, also known as Housie, cards are referred to as tickets and they are shaped differently from the 75 ball Bingo cards. 90 Ball Bingo cards posses three rows and nine columns. Each row contains five numbers and four blank spaces. Each column contains from one to three numbers

  • Column 1 contains numbers 1 - 9
  • Column 2 contains numbers 10 - 19
  • Column 3 contains numbers 20 - 29
  • Column 4 contains numbers 30 - 39
  • Column 5 contains numbers 40 - 49
  • Column 6 contains numbers 50 - 59
  • Column 7 contains numbers 60 - 69
  • Column 8 contains numbers 70 - 79
  • Column 9 contains numbers 80 - 90

90 Ball Bingo Card

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