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80 Ball Bingo is the Latest In Online Bingo gaming Entertainment. this is a brand new bingo game that has attracted much attention among avid bingo players.

80 ball bingo is unique dues to its different bingo cards, or shutter boards, which are used while playing the game. once each of the numbers are called, players mark their numbers off by sliding shut the slides to cover them. Online bingo players use similar bingo cards, or tickets, and when the numbers are called, the corresponding numbers are shaded on the online bingo tickets.

Each ticket is arranged in four rows and four columns, and each column has a different color: red, yellow, blue or silver. The 80 ball bingo shares a similar call board to that of the 75 ball bingo with just minor difference. The 80 ball call board contains 5 rows of 16 numbers, for a total of 80 possible numbers. These numbers are then split into four groups of separate colors as follows:

  • numbers 1-20 - red
  • numbers 21-40 yellow
  • numbers 41-59 blue
  • numbers 60-80 silver

80 ball bingo offers a variety of exciting game patterns. Patterns usually include the classic 80 Full Card, but other patterns include Diagonal Line, Horizontal Line, Vertical Line, Big X, Four Corners, and Centre Square.

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